CCTV View Popup

If you have your own camera security system based on for instance Motion or Zoneminder you'll want a quick and easy way to watch them. CCTV View is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera that allows you to configure up to 16 security cameras or webcam image urls. One click on it's toolbar button will show a popup window with all configured cameras.

CCTV View has been tested successfully on Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac and Chromium for Linux.

CCTV View for Google Chrome can be downloaded in the Chrome Webstore

Opera users can find CCTV View on the Opera add-ons page


After installation you will need to add the urls to your CCTV images. If you use Zoneminder like me it's just a matter of opening the watch window, right-clicking the image and copying the image url.

You can also use the streaming jpeg images from zoneminder; Browse to your zoneminder main screen, click on the Montage link to bring up the montage window and view the source of that page. find the following line and copy the url into the Image Url n on the CCTV View Settings page.

<param name="url" value="http://server/cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=jpeg&monitor=13&scale=100&maxfps=5&connkey=757705&rand=1315270186"/>


I've tested this successfully with Motion as well. The Image Url field should have the server name and webcam_port as defined in motion.conf or threadn.conf. For example: http://server:8081