This is the new home of CCTV View and CCTV Monitor, two extensions for Google Chrome/Chromium and Opera. Here you will find hints, tips and links to cameras.

I initially wrote CCTV View for my own use; I wanted a quick and easy way to view the cameras around my house. My home CCTV system at the time was a Linux system with Zoneminder, later I switched to Motion. Both systems produce mjpeg streaming images which display nicely in most browsers. CCTV View basically gives you access to those images via a button on the button bar of your browser.

When I published CCTV View it took less than 2 weeks to reach over a 1000 users and it has been growing ever since. With the feedback I received from a few of you I decided to create another extension based on the Monitor page included in CCTV View, this project is called CCTV Monitor.

CCTV Monitor has a few options over CCTV View in that it can rotate the cameras automatically.